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While learning digital skills and implementing them in to my business from last 10 years, what I have learnt is the only thing “The learning never ends…!”

Hey I am Krishna Bhanuse founder and director of PKC BUSINESS GROUP & PKC DIGITAL.I have been engaged in various businesses from last 18 years and from last 10 years I am doing most of my business digitally…means online. I have trained 10,000+ people in various business skills over the period of last 10 years. I recently launched digital marketing trainings for entrepreneurs ‘Business Digitally” and slashed a record break sale of 3000+ students in just 4 months. Believe me it’s a milestone to achieve that success in such short period.

Reason for interacting with you through this blog is to share the secret of success in 2020.We are aware that world is digital now and everything is online. But we are not that much serious about making our business model online, as many of the businessmen thinks that they don’t need online tools as they sell physically. But my friends Do you sell online or not its not a choice now, it’s a compulsion. Be alert to be skilled and equipped online or you will be replaced soon by a better skilled person…no matter that you are in to business or you are employed or self-employed. We are experiencing online era even in our homes, we have per head 1 mobile per person in our homes. Online education has changed the face of education, our 4-5-year-old kids are engaged in online classes and they have their own tab or smart phones at this age. The moral of the story is that we have to be digitally literate to live in this new world. House-wife or mothers need digital skills to teach children’s perfectly, businessman needs digital skills to expand their business and gain new clients, employed persons need digital skills to survive in his job and to keep his job safe.
Digital Marketing, Social media and online literacy has become new Life normal now. I heartily invite you to step in to world of new online literacy. In PKC Digital we have designed a very easy course for can be accessed online from comfort of your home and most important thing is that you not required any previous skills to learn in our system. Just 10 days of your life and it will explore you the possibilities of the Digital world. What ever social media platform you use Facebook, Instagram, twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, google, google business, Pinterest, tik-tok or anything else….we will teach you how to use them more effectively and how to achieve productivity from these platforms. Isn’t it amazing…just CLICK TO KNOW MORE about BUSINESS DIGITALLY OR just signup on the link below….!



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