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Opportunity for Digital Marketers in India.

Big opportunity for digital marketers in rural India. The increasing number of internet users all over India and especially in Rural, Tear2/3 cities of the country is creating opportunities for digital marketers. First-time internet and cell-phone users are increased by 20% approximately this year.

This increased number is the number of online clients. More people are spending their time online and thus this attracts businesses to showcase their products online. An average of $100 Billion is the amount that will be spent online by Indians in 2020. This figure is released before the lockdown situation. After the lockdown, the number of internet users is increased drastically.

As a digital marketer, I see a lot of potential opportunities for new digital marketers to serve businesses for digital marketing. As a solo-pruner or a freelancer, it is easily possible to serve 3-4 clients on the basis of a laptop and internet connection only. This is the reason why more digital marketers will be required in near future. Even a village of 10,000 people has at least 10 big businesses or enterprises, and definitely, they will be required digital marketing services. The market is already aware of advertising online. Offline or traditional ways of advertising are outdated, less effective, hard to monitor and they are very costly compare to online advertising. As an estimate, nearly 63% of businesses in India don’t have any website- (financial express). This is the real number game, lots of businesses require their business to be showcased online through a website. Any digital marketing agency can provide web development solutions to local businesses very effectively. Every small business now is looking forward not to be invisible and showcase a business online. Graphic designing, Web development, online advertising, lead generation, online selling are the services one can offer to the market.

To understand the potential of this field I will advise you to go through this 1 Hour free webinar.

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    Now digital marketing is becoming need of business

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      Yes, digital marketing is the future of business.

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