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PKC DIGITAL a business consultancy & professional training organization, that helps businessmen and entrepreneurs to grow their business globally.
PKC DIGITAL is a  leading digital marketing training institute to train aspiring individuals in various digital skills with more than 10,000 client bases. Our mission is to equip individuals with technical skills so they can establish successful digital businesses.

१० हजार पेक्षा जास्त व्यवसायिक या कोर्सच्या माध्यमातुन व्यवसाय डिजिटल करुन लाखो कमवत आहेत.

आपण आपला व्यवसाय ONLINE कधी कन्व्हर्ट करताय???

हि संधी सोडु नका.आजच जाँईन करा.

Krishna Bhanuse a Digital Marketer who has social media expert. On right way krishna bhanuse turn the leads into customer.

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I have been 14 years in various industries since 2012. Digital Marketing is my business. I have helped more than 5000 entrepreneurs to grow their business online. I am expert for Social Media for business.

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About Me

I am a Businessman, Author, and Digital Coach. I have 14+ years of experience in various industries like manufacturing, sales, marketing, training, coaching & consultancy. Total 10000+ clients/students are trained under banner of PKC BUSINESS group. Combined in Business, Digital Marketing & Agriculture. This course is Maharashtra’s Bestselling and first practical course in marathi.

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My Experience

I am into various businesses & Industries since 2012. I have earned serious business skills with my real life experiences.


Digital Marketing Consultant

Started PKC Digital for helping various businesses on the online platforms.


PKC Business Group

Involved in trainings for business growth, sales, business foundation & online businesses.


Agriculture Business Studies

PKC AGRO (Pandurang Krushi) is the largest Agriculture Industry in Maharashtra.


Manufacturing of FMCG & Medicine products

Engaged in products like detergent powder, household cleaning products & drinking water disinfectants.

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What People Say

Very helpful and understanding.Worth the money.
Reviews from client
Anjali Parab
PKC digital is the best training platform for the internet users.Almost all social media has been explained.
Reviews From Client
Prashant Dhotre
Thank You PKC Digital for best service and course.
Reviews From Client
Krishna Shelke
Very nice training institute! Very useful for digital marketing.
Review from Client
MAdhuri Agre